I build products  &  teams .

My Works

  • Director of Technology for Inside Rx
    I am currently responsible for the technology organization of a startup. I oversee several teams that span multiple consumer-facing digital properties.
  • Senior Developer for Rig Up
    I did a short stint at a startup that is changing the oil and gas industry. I built an optimizations platform and worked on improving the user experience. #TooManyButtonDesigns
  • UI & Solution Architect for General Motors
    Oversaw the solution design and development powering the next generation of CMS platform. I managed the technical relationship with outside design agencies.
  • Senior Developer for Army Research Labs
    The job was mostly cowboy contract development. I worked on a variety of internal tools and web properties, including analytics trackers, custom calendars, WebGL powered apps, and more.

About Me


I have spent most of the last 18 years making things, typically with web technologies. I specialize in creating solid experiences that delight. I also enjoy building world-class teams.

#developer #leader #javascript #node #serverless #frontend #startup #nextjs #react #vue #nuxt #gridsome #express #tailwindcss #es6 #typescript #sapper #svelte

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Want to work together? I am open to side-gigs and new roles . I am also free for speaking engagements.

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